Mini Netball FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions
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During the sessions, are parents/guardians required to stay?

Yes – parents or guardians are required to stay and watch the sessions and will be involved in encouraging their child and helping them with activities. However, in the 45 minute sessions, parents and guardians will take more of an observational role for the coaches to lead – with encouragement to your child as required!

My child sits on the boundary between sessions, which should I choose?

We know that some girls will feel more comfortable being with those who are slightly younger or slightly older. You know your child best so if you think she would cope better with younger children then choose the younger group, if older then the older group.

We are not able to make some of the Saturdays – is this a problem?

We appreciate you may not be able to make all the Saturdays so will ensure your child can still be part of the sessions they can attend and try to ensure they are not adversely effected. However, as we book coaching teams for the entire period we are not able to give any discounts for those sessions missed.

Are cancellations possible?

Once you have signed up for a session then we are afraid we are unable to cancel the booking. We plan and book coaching teams according to those who have booked so once you have committed and paid for your place, we make plans to look after your child which we are unable to cancel. This sadly means we cannot refund your payment at a later date.

Can I see copies of your certificates and documents?

Of course – please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with copies of these and further details.